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Insolvency Plus


Pegasus International Consultants offer a unique service in the provision of business management for Clients who are faced with insolvent debtors both in the UK and Europe.  Over the years we have gained  and developed a great deal of experience in the way in which Insolvency Practitioners conduct and oversee insolvencies and so are able to negotiate and follow through all actions on behalf of a Client to receipt of dividends and completion.

This outsourcing service will significantly reduce your in-house handling time by managing all the documentation received and complying with the Practitioners requirements. 

For a ONE OFF ADMINISTRATION FEE (paid on commencement) plus commission which will only be charged when dividends are paid or goods recovered Pegasus will save you the effort of corresponding and negotiating with a Practitioner through Payment Arrangement Plans (CVA), Administrations (Moratoriums) and Liquidations.


  • Pegasus will act on your behalf and establish that your debt is fully accepted and registered within the Creditors listing.
  • Provide confirmation for Debt Relief if required.
  • Negotiate with the Practioner on any discrepancies or offers of payment.
  • Recovered funds cleared and forwarded to the Client within 14 days of receipt.
  • That all reporting actions by the Practioner are as Statutory Laws require.
  • Real time 24/7 web reporting of all actions and IP reports.
  • Attend "first meetings" (Rarely necessary unless the debt is of an extremely high value).  Cost of attendance will be agreed prior to commencement.


UK - £55 + vat administration fee + 10% commission on recovered funds only.

European Union - £110 + vat administration fee + 15% commission on recovered funds only.

Rest Of Europe - £150 + vat administration fee + 20% commission on recovered funds only.