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Ledger Clearance

During the life of a company it may find it has a burden of an unresolved receivables ledger and if not resolved promptly, is in danger of becoming totally uncollectable. This has usually been caused by rapid expansion, special projects, mergers or acquisitions.

Pegasus has developed the process of resolving the ledger by the collection of cash, proving past payments, clearing outstanding queries and confirming insolvencies. In total, clearing the complete ledger. Reporting will be available on a 24/7 basis with a full detailed report at the end of the project for internal use or external audit.

The process however need not concern a complete ledger; it may be required to extract the problem debt only as a “part ledger” which requires the concentrated effort of a third party. Like all Pegasus products a simple pricing structure will be agreed before commencing.

Uncollected accounts equals lost cash